The Essential Modern Calligraphy Starter Kit


The Essential Modern Calligraphy Starter kit is a specially curated kit that contains everything you need to get started on your Modern Calligraphy journey. Each item has been carefully chosen to make it perfect for a beginner.


  • Rho­dia A5 prac­tice pad
  • Kure­take Black Sumi ink (15ml)
  • Nikko- G nib
  • Zebra- G nib
  • Straight pen hold­er – Plain/Marbled (Colours may vary)
  • Nib stor­age tin
  • Trac­ing paper
  • Lay­out Paper
  • A5 Smooth 120 gsm paper (for final projects)
  • Mod­ern Cal­lig­ra­phy Beginner’s work­sheets with drills and alpha­bet exemplar

Please note that the turn­around time for all orders is 3–5 work­ing days. If you require some­thing soon­er please email before plac­ing your order.


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